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2020 Littlest Heroes Tourn Rules

o All rules stated here are exceptions to the NFHS Rules Book. All other playing rules follow NFHS guidelines,

using OHSAA adoptions. The Littlest Heroes Tournament Staff and/or Briggs Baseball LLC. reserves the right

to modify rules prior to the start of and during the tournament, if any item is misrepresented in this document.

The tournament director or his/her appointed representative (e.g.,umpires) shall be the sole judge as to the

playing conditions of the fields and is responsible to make a decision for a called game and/or termination

of play.

Tournament age is players age as of April 30. International teams will abide by their country age rules

o Awards will be presented to first and second place teams in each division. (13 per team)

o Teams shall be at the field 30 minutes before the scheduled game time. If a team cannot field a team at the

scheduled start time, they will forfeit. Forfeits do not apply when delay of arrival is due to travel with-in

the Littlest Heroes Tournament

o There is no infield practice.

o Home team will be decided by coin flip in all pool play games. The higher seed will be the home team in all games

in semi finals and/or finals.

   All games 11u - 15u are 7 innings with 2 hour time limits.

o Any protests must be settled on the spot before play resumes.

o The infield fly rule shall be in effect for all age divisions.

o Roster Batting will be allowed in all tournaments.

a. Teams can bat a 9?player lineup, a 10?player lineup using an additional hitter (AH), or roster

bat all present uniformed players. The lineup must be declared before the start of the game and

used the entire game. A team is considered “roster batting” with 10 players.

b. If a team uses a lineup that contains 10 players, the player in the AH position, while not

actually playing a defensive position, is treated as such for substitution purposes.

c. If a team chooses to roster bat, then all players other than the nine defensive position players

are additional hitters and can move freely in defensive positions.

d. If a team is batting all present, uniformed players, with no eligible substitutes listed on the lineup

card, and the number of players is 9 or 10, that team is considered to be roster batting for the

purposes of defensive substitutions and courtesy runners, unless the coach has specifically declared

otherwise at the pregame plate conference. If additional players arrive after the game has started,

those players are placed at the end of the batting order. If the coach declares at the pregame plate

conference that he is not roster batting, the late players are listed on the lineup as eligible substitutes.

e. If a player is injured during a game, that player can be removed from the line?up without penalty

provided the team is roster batting.

f. If a player is ejected during a game, that team will take an out in that spot in the line?up even if roster


o The “Designated Hitter” Rule will be allowed in 15u , 16u and 18u ONLY

o An “Additional Hitter” Rule will be allowed. The “AH” Rule is optional in all age divisions. The “AH”

is a 10th hitter placed anywhere in the line-up. The “AH” can be substituted for and the re-entry rule will

apply. The “AH” is considered a defensive position and can play in the field.

o Speed-up rule : Teams may use a courtesy runner anytime for the pitcher and/or catcher. The runner must

be a player from the bench, or if none available- the last batted out.

Pitching Rules: One pitch constitutes one inning pitched. ( Does not include warm-ups)

9u----4/game 11u----4/game 13u----5/game

10u----4/game 12u----4/game 14u----7/game

15u----7 game 16u----7/game 18u----7/game

**A pitcher may not return to the mound once removed in that game.

If a pitcher returns to the mound “illegally”--- Correct the wrong—NO PENALTY

o Metal cleats in 13u- 14u- 15u - 16u-18u only.

o Tie Breakers : 1) Head to Head

2) Fewest runs allowed

3) Most runs scored (Max 8/game)

4) Coin-flip

o Bat Restrictions : 8u has a 2 1/4 barrel maximum

o (-5) Bat Restriction for 14u

o BBCOR Bats MANDATORY for 15u , 16u and 18u

o NO MALICIOUS CONTACT on all close plays. Umpires discretion.

o Profanity or misconduct by a player, coach, or manager will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal

from the game, tournament, and park.

o Both teams shall turn in / text a score to a Littlest Heroes Tournament field representative or text to the

Tournament Director (216.287.6682)

o All forfeits are 7 – 0. Teams forfeiting games ARE NOT eligible for the championship round.

o All games are 7 innings and have a 2 hour time limit. No inning shall start after 2 hours unless the inning is needed to create

an official game or to complete an extra inning game. If the HOME TEAM is winning at the time limit...the game shall END at that point.

   NO TIME LIMIT in Semi Finals and Championship games

o There are tie games provided the time limit has been reached.

o There is NO DROP 3rd Strike Rule in the 8u / 9u divisions. Batter out and runners may advance.

o There will be a mercy rule in effect in all age divisions. (12 after 4 ---10 after 5)

? Playoff Format :

Will be based on the # on teams entered….Odd # of teams will have varying formats

NOTE: When ‘Pools’ are used in the tournament format, a Wildcard team will not play a team

in its own division if the division winner is highest seed

o Rainout Policy : In the event of bad weather, the tournament director and Briggs Baseball LLC

reserve the right to modify and complete the tournament any way feasible to all teams involved. Refunds

will be issued based on games completed . Any started game with umpire(s) paid may be considered a

played game in the refund policy. Full refunds are not possible due to park rentals .

o Refund Policy: 0 games played - 65%

1 game played - 40%

2 games played – no refund